Do you have a child between the ages of 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years old?

The Oshkosh Area School District is providing a free educational screening the week of March 7-10, 2017, at the Oshkosh Recreation Department, located at 425 Division Street.

Child Development Days is a play-based screening for children residing in the Oshkosh Area School District, who were born between September 2, 2013 and September 1, 2014. While the children play, trained screeners will assess learning, motor and speech & language skills. Hearing screening is also available. Parents are given immediate feedback on their child’s development.

A Family Fair will be held in conjunction with the screening, offering information on community opportunities for young children.

If you have an age-eligible child and have not received information about this event by February 2017, please call the Office of Early Learning at 424-1004 or go online at: to schedule an appointment.

Guiding Principles:

  • All children are capable and competent.
  • A child’s early learning and development is multi-dimensional.
  • Expectations for children must be guided by knowledge of child growth and development.
  • Children are individuals who develop at various rates
  • Children are members of cultural groups that share developmental patterns.
  • Children exhibit a range of skills and competencies within each domain of development.
  • Children learn through play and active exploration of their environment.
  • Parents are the primary and most important caregivers and educators.

For more information regarding our Early Childhood program or Ready 4 Learning (4K) program please contact the Office of Early Learning @ 424-1004.