Enrollment Information for 2017-2018:

Please fill out the Interest Form below if you want your child to attend 4K in the Oshkosh Area School District in 2017-2018. By putting your name and information on this form, you will receive an enrollment packet in the mail by the beginning of April, 2017. Registration will be held on April 27, 2017 from 8:00am - 6:00pm at Oshkosh Area School District's Central Administration Office (215 S. Eagle St.). 

4K Interest Form 2017-2018

4K Placement Process

Oshkosh prides itself on having a community-based collaborative 4K program. Collectively, we have 16 sites with 35 4K sessions. These sites include schools, child care centers, and Head Start programs. Oshkosh Area School District uses the steps listed below for our 4K placement process.

1. Children who attend a daycare/childcare site that has 4K will be placed at that site.

2. Groups of children will attend the same 4K site based on neighborhood or daycare location.

  • These students will be eligible for bussing.

3. We will balance class sizes throughout the entire 4K program.

  • Integrated Programs (in the afternoon) will have at least 10 regular education students and no more than 8 special education students.

  • All 4K classrooms have a 24 student maximum.

    • Child licensing requirements related to space determine number of students in each site.

4. Placement (Out of Area Attendance Requests) will be considered after the steps listed above.